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  1. remembering the old times when we were regularly getting preet lariand bal sandesh,we used to wait for them.nice effort that we can go to the blog.

  2. I am Munir Ahmad Iqbal from Lahore,Pakistan. Can anybody here provide me e-mail adress of person who is publishing preet lari?

    This is urgent please

    With preet (Love)
    Munir Ahmad Iqbal

  3. helo!
    main afzal siraj aan.punjab pakistan dy shehr gujranwala dy muhallay gurjakh toon.main preetlari waikh’ya tuhaadi himmat ty mehnat slaahn jog ay.agr ijazat dwo ty main vi apnian tehreeran bhaij skna wan.tuhaaday wallon hosla afzai di udeek ay.

    afzal siraj
    al-siraj model school
    gurjakh, gujranwala.
    punjab, pakistan

  4. hello ji main preetlarhi nu salaam karda haan ate apni kuchh ek rachnavaan bhejna chahnda haan dhanwaad/

  5. Preetlarhi Magazine de ank Jan 2012 vich meri rachna “Aisa Bhagaan bhrea a nva saal hove” nu Jgah den lyi shukriaa …

    Thanx for publishing my Song ” Aisa Bhagaan bhrea a nva saal hove” in Preetlarhi Magazige Jan 2012

    Navdeep Singh Badesha

  6. Nice to read hard copy of preet lari january 2012 issue.. excellent! Waheguru bless you lots of joy, happiness and good health… I will also send you some articles/poems.

    Darshan Singh Bhullar
    Village: Talwandi Bhangerian (Moga)
    Mob: 9779078010

  7. I was only six or seven years old when I heard the name of preetladi from my father.afterward i saw more than hundred magazines at my home.My father & his friends read its poems loudly & some of the poets of my village (Raoke kalan in moga now).They read and sometimes laughed I didn’t know why. In 1981 when I was in Tenth year my father fell ill n died in 1988. From 1981 I didn’t see that magazines n I forgot about preetladi. In 1990 I read Taj Te Saru essay book by Gurbaksh singh but I didn’t know that he is preetladi. In 1998 I came to know that gurubaksh singh n preetladi is a single name in literature.I rememred my childhood searched preetladi many shops n at home also but some one sold all to a junk-dealer. And today when I have come to net my first search on goole is gurbaksh singh preetladi but I don’t know this is the original one or …………………………..
    With-warm Regards & love,
    Devraj Arora
    subash nagar kashipur uttrakhand mob-9927389809 e-mail: arora.devraj@yahoo.com

  8. Piyari Bhain Poonam Singh ji,
    Sardar G.S. Preetlari ji ne jo Punjabi Litrature vich sari manav jati layi enna kuch Likhiya hai khas kr ek puri kitab ta khali Aurat di jingi nu Ucha chakn lyi v hai, Tusi unna books da Parchar kyo nhi krde. unna diya kuch Kitaba ta manav Jivan di jach b sikha sakdiya ne.
    Plz preetlari sahib diya bahumulye books da parchar kro khas krke unna di essey book da.Tusi lakkha da jivan sudhar Sakde ho. Taj Te Saru pad k mere jivan vich b bahut change aaye c. Us vele meri umer kul 17 sal di c ate usnu pad k mai bahut burayian te kuritiya to bach sakya.
    Rabb apji da bhala kare.

  9. Dear Mrs . Poonam Singh ,
    Dar Jee(Gurbax Singh Preetlari) was not only a writer, he was an institution. I attended the Preet Milnee in , I think it was 1970 or 1971. I read his book Param Munakh , Guru Nanak. I rember his words, something like this , ” Preet toon kesi cheez hen , na desh dekhdee na mulak dekhdee, Na umar dekhdee” ( not an exact quote). Only a few months ago I read what you folks went through, I have a few words for you, Poonam Jee and your husband : There are no words to depict your courage and determination.

    There is not a week when i do not think about Preet Lari. Preet cheez he esi he , es deean pyar bharian galwakrian wich , kam nhi , bas pyar he pyar he. Every year when i go to Heritage festival in Edmonton, Or Stampede in Calgary there is an assosiation that gives the hugsto strangers for no reasons. Long live PreetLari
    Kanwaljit Singh Edmnton

  10. Poonam Ji,
    I had a keen wish to visit Preet Nagar. Kindly advise me if it is open for anyone to visit. Could I please know the rules, I mean on which days and time one can visit it ? I am from Ludhiana and will come right from here. I shall be very much grateful to you. Looking forward to your advice Manu Sharma (98152 98772)

    • Manu ji tuhaadi icchha da swagat hei. Tusi ajj kal aao ta ethey kujh art design de vidyarthi bangalore to aaye hoye hn saadey kol, preetnagar. Amritsar toN addha ghanta laggda hei three wheeler uttey. Buses vi acchi service hei. Sarrka chnggiaaN ne.

    • Thank you for your mail. Please keep in touch.
      People do visit when they can. It would be nice if you could reach there in the early part of the morning and take about 1 hour to visit.
      If you can come on a third wednesday of any month, you could come late evening and stay to see a play, which usually ends around 9 pm. And then leave for Amritsar.
      There is an arrangement if you wish to stay for a night or more. That would cost Rs 300 a night.
      Two children of GBS live in Preet nagar, also some grandchildren.
      Please inform on 01858 274076 ( ask for Parveen Paul ji or Hirdey paul Singh) or 9876263725 (Rati Kant Singh) when you plan a visit if you want to stay.
      Otherwise you are welcome any time and can visit uma GBS and hirdey paul Singh ji’s house which is a museum of sorts .

  11. I have worked 3 months in Preet lari office under Uma didi in 1956. Uma didi and Daarji, Jagjit singh Anand Urmila did and Sukirat have visited me in uk few times. Preet nagar is still beautiful, I have visited in 2001 and saw foundation too. I am still in touch with all family members

  12. Dear Poonam ji, I m still waiting the April issue of Preetlari . Hope i ‘ll get it soon .


    19393,62 AVE. SURREY


    V3S 7L4

  13. Sat sri akal g
    Dhnvad g meri story “tiger ” nu july mnth de mgzn vch jgah den lyi…app ji kr k he pakistan de ik mgzn vch ehi story shp rhi a …. ruqst hai k july mnth da mgzn manu nhi mil riha ….ho ske ta tusi mehrbani kr k bhj deo.. jagseer dhaliwal ugoke ferozpur 142052

  14. Sat Shri Akal Preet Nagar Waasio,
    Aap de iss saahitik Sansaar nu ik darshak wjo’n boht samay to parh te dekh rihaa haan. Hun main aapniaan likhiaan kujh rachnaawan aap de spurad krna chaahunda haan taan jo tusi ohna nu aapne iss Lafzaan de Sansaar wich thodi jgaah de sako. Kirpa krke minu rachna bhejn da treeka dasyaa jaave.
    Danwaadi Howaanga.

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