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BRAHMI SCRIPT 3 Century BC:Ram is written here.


it seems to be the snake and pasupati ie shiv of indus valley. the snake and sun symbols are right from egypt of ancient times.RA the sun god. and the snake is what they and thegreeks believed fights the sun everyday and yet the sun is victorious and they praye dthat that would remain so for all years.

cave people of India


this is what we may have looked like and lived like, before the invaders came in hordes upon hordes and brought what is called cultures and civilisational knowledge…divisive stuff actually, if not handled for the good of one and all.

ramlalla -ramallah and lasting peace of commonness of identity/tribe.


Ram is a common ancestral myth:from Egypt. Egypt and its agriculture and culture was probably formed long before the Gangetic plains, invaded by successive and overlapping waves of Africans, Greeks etc. They brought their faiths on their flags and planted them here in this Gangetic soil.
Ram is derived from
the name of the ancient sun god of Egypt:RA/RE.


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गूगल नाल कोशिश कर रहे हां ,शायद सारे पेज दिख जान

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आशा है के एह पढ़ सकदे हो .