13 Complete On-Line Books on APNA Web


Punjabi Books in Shahmukhi Script
Heer Waris Shah Wich Malawati Sheran Da Veerva (Poetry/Research): Zahid Iqbal
Qaidi Sufne (Poetry): Saghir Tabessum
Khed Muqadaran Di (Novel)): Raja Muhammad Ahmed
Punjabi Books in Gurmukhi Script
Angad (Poetry): Dr. Jatinder Kaur
Bhagat Singh: Vicharvan Inqalabi (Biography): Prof. Chaman Lal
Urdu Books
Raseedi Ticket (Autobiography): Amrita Pritam
English Books
Mian Fazl-i-Husain: Glimpses of Life and Work (Biography): Azim Husain
The Revenue Stamp (Autobiography): Amrita Pritam
Begumbagh, A Tale of the Indian Mutiny (History): George Manville Fenn
The Defence of Cawnpore (History/Indian Mutiny 1957): John Adye
Indian Politics Since Mutiny (History): Yajneswara Chintamani
Mutiny Reports – Punjab Government Records (History)
The Mystics of Islam (Sufism): Reynold A. Nicholson
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About preetlari

"Preetlari", Punjab's magazine established in 1933 and published from Preetnagar, Dist. Amritsar. S. Gurbaksh Singh founded the magazine and also the model village, Preetnagar. The magazine is running in its 78th year and since last year is being taken by nearly 20000 primary and upper primary schools of Punjab ,too.

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