al-lah and lalla !! Raml-al-lah=sand-the God!!


it seems from the internet postings that :
raml means sand. and al lah would be written on sand to wish for something. a tray of sand etc.
also, al means the and lah was the name of one of the pre-islamic gods of mecca.
Rahm or Raam was the name of the egyptian sun god, the oldest such sun god perhaps known.
lillah and lallah are the same perhaps!!lillah is also not one word. it is la-illah or la-‘llah…
so the arguments be about the same ONE only displaced in time/space and people etc.
the Rahm is also the animal ram which is at the beginning of the zodiac signs, as it is considered a very powerful animal, that goes nearest on earth to THE SUN(RA/Re) and therefore got that name , being the sun’s favoured animal.
poonam singh

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