Radha IS Krishna…and other things: Poonam Singh


about the stroke of midnight the Hindu priest opened the curtain and hid the deity Krishna. it was the point of time when Krishna was to be born. The priest went behind the curtain then.a few silent and dramatic seconds later, he emerged from behind the curtain and pulled it back. Lo, there stood the deity again for the new year! Krishna was there as before with his consort Radha, but with a difference:their forms were now wrapped with a single piece of cloth. They were as if one. They were a single form as if. It was the time of dark and light together it seems. I stood there thinking:is this what is meant by Radha is the very form of Krishna??That Krishna’s wife should not have been jealous of Krishna? That Radha did not really exist and so Krishna was not really nor was Radha adulterous?Why was there not the baby Krishna in the centre? Why was the baby only on the side, in the cradle to be lulled to sleep by the devotees? Definitely a relic of some ceremonies from over the ages, perhaps tradition brought by armies of settlers/looters?The devotees prayed in a strange style too. They raised their hands upwards of their shoulders with their palms turned OUTWARDS.And chanted something differently too.

Today while searching for something on the net i came across the concept of androgynous gods i.e. male and female form of the same god as a goddess or vice versa in the Pre Roman eras, the Greek or pre times.
The male control over affairs of the land and kingdoms and all that must have put females in the background initially. also, a new God needed to be adopted that was not like everything and everybody else–born of a woman. so the sun was said to be born of itself.
Although like all the others, the Sun must /may have also had a female consort partnering it equally. Everything being Ardhnaarishwar as Shiva in the Indian/continuum of Egyptian etc tradition was…
So, Rome could have been the male as well as the female god Sun?Sister-wife?daughter?


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