the other day someone said: landa bauld and said as if to explain-a bull without a tail..why is it called landa when it has no tail? is it because it is now exposed in its nakedness?
why is the script Landa called that? is it because it had no lines overhead of its characters, the way ,say Hindi has?Or Sanskrit?
Is it what landa means when used casually for lots of things to explain their exposedness/loneliness for eg landa chirra,landa bazaar..

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"Preetlari", Punjab's magazine established in 1933 and published from Preetnagar, Dist. Amritsar. S. Gurbaksh Singh founded the magazine and also the model village, Preetnagar. The magazine is running in its 78th year and since last year is being taken by nearly 20000 primary and upper primary schools of Punjab ,too.

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  1. If we do not attach any negative meaning warranted by historical facts,the usage landa may be accepted as normal. To diffrenciate and distingush such remarks are coined. May be the naked part also some relavance.

    • Today i saw a usage of landa in marathi. There it is used by bal thackeray to mean shortened,cut ie sunnat. Which may mean that the scrpt is from a muslim area or perhaps sunnat existed before islam?

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