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celebrating the life of Sardarni Mohinder Kaur w/o of Late Navtej Singh in her last days


Ammi has been a father as well as a mother for the last 30 years to her family and a great support for Preetlari,for which she lived an austere life as the wife of an idealist.Her world in Sialkot was a comfortable one indeed as far as finances were concerned, although she had lost her mother at a tender age and the father had remarried, leaving the three siblings in the care of grandparents.Partition saw these children not having a home of their own.

A tennis player in her youth, a teacher in Calcutta in a school,the favourite Miss Walia as she was for the children,Gyani pass and quoting the scriptures as well as a treasure of folk idiom, song and dance.she never let her children forget they are special and should be khara, genuine and stick together for love of each other.Her sensitiviteis had been traumatised with the ravages that partition brought, as it took away her  grand parents,killed brutally like many others.

Her soft and loyal side was a marvel to witness.She could cook up a wonderful meal and made the best chutney and pickles.Her nursing of the sick and woebegone as well as her charmingly delightful and great conversational art is something that the world needed to experience and emulate!

Her taking on the extremists and terrorists saying ,even , that if that was the lord’s abode from which death was rolled out to innocent people,may that it fall.And even as she prayed and counted on her Waheguru and did her prayers often, she never took back her words.Her sonSumeet and 25000 more had been dealt death by people who had hijacked her Guru’s great authority, after all!On Mothers’ Day ,this bold Sikh lady should be remembered especially for standing up for a violence free world for the children of all mothers.

She knew well the character of people who had provoked and frightened people into learning the martial art gatka durin gpre  partition worries and yet had been the first to run away and that with the money from the holy places.

She stood with constant love for her sons during thetrials of life and her love for them was unconditional,and inspiring.

She would often say of her quick temper and anxiety prone nature that she was no devta,but her husband was right when in a story he was famous for writing , he called her touch the TOUCH OF A FAIRY TALE.she sure had the touch and authority and decisiveness of a queen, no wonder she played the role of RANI JINDAn to perfection in one of the plays staged by IPTA.

She gifted the magazine Preet Lari to become a Public Trust and is a Trustee, always standing up for the best of values.

Family and relatives surround her lovingly, especially Dr. Balwant Singh Tung who stood during her brief illness that is taking her away as a doctor and brother.

We celebrate the last days of a grand lady on earth even as she can now neither eat, nor speak  but is conscious enough to know that she is passing away,bravely at that.

agni god is a form of the sun. agni is the lord on land, air in the atmosphere and sun in the sky.


the four equal quarters of the Swastika must be the equal 4 parts(3 mnths each) of the year


21 dec is winter solstice,,,,,3 months away is mar 20 which is the equinox ,,3 months away is June 20 which is the summer solstice,,,,and 3 months away on Sep 22 is an equinox again.
And the sun was supposed to be moving :wheel like /chariot like..
The sun was celebrated and appeased to keep up its good deeds and sacrifg of choicest harvest of crops, animals, birds and human beings as well must have been made to keep it feeling special and also from gratitude.

Indian Sarpanch Dazzles at the UN meet !!


From: Visho Sharma here:

A different face of rural India .
Indian sarpanch (head of 5 Village Elders Council) dazzles at UN meet

United Nations: There was a sense of disbelief among ministers and ambassadors from diverse nations when the chairperson of the 11th Info-Poverty World Conference held at the United Nations introduced the jeans-clad Chhavi Rajawat as head of a village in India .
Indian sarpanch dazzles at UN meet

Indian sarpanch dazzles at UN meet

Indian sarpanch dazzles at UN meet

For, from a distance one could easily mistake Rajawat, an articulate, computer-savvy woman, for a frontline model or at least a Bollywood actress. But she is sarpanch of Soda village, 60km from Jaipur, in backward Rajasthan and the changing face of growing dynamic rural India .
The 30-year-old Rajawat , India ‘s youngest and the only MBA to become a village head – the position mostly occupied by elders, quit her senior management position with Bharti-Tele Ventures of Airtel Group to serve her beloved villagers as sarpanch.
Rajawat participated in a panel discussion at the two-day meet at the UN on March 24 and 25 on how civil society can implement its actions and spoke on the role of civil society in fighting poverty and promoting development.
It is necessary to re-think through various strategies of action that includes new technologies like e-services in achieving the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in an era where resources have become limited, she told the delegates of the international conference.
“If India continues to make progress at the same pace as it has for the past 65 years since independence, it just won’t be good enough. We’ll be failing people who dream about having water, electricity, toilets, schools and jobs. I am convinced we can do it differently and do it faster.
“In the past year alone, I and the villagers in Soda have brought about a radical change in the village purely through our own efforts. We have had no outside support – no NGO help, no public, nor private sector help,” she said.

On achieving Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Rajawat said she sought full support from outside agencies and the corporate world. “I thank United Nations office for Partnerships (UNOP) which had deputed its senior adviser in India Mr Babu Lal Jain to visit Soda and extend all support in the opening of the first bank in the village. That made all the difference.”

“In three years I will transform my village. I don’t want money. I want people and organizations to adopt projects in my village as often projects fail owing to lack of a local connect and that is what I am here to provide by bridging that gap.

“I want the conference to help bring about faster change so that this generation can enjoy that kind of life that I – and you in this audience – take for granted,” she said to thunderous cheers from the delegates.

After her session, Rajawat told Press Trust of India: “It (service to villagers) has been a journey to my roots. This was not pre-planned. I am paying my debt to the village where I grew up.”

Prior to becoming sarpanch of Soda which has a population of 10,000 people who are predominantly dependant on agriculture, Rajawat was looking after ‘Kailrugji, The Hotel’ – a family-run hospitality business in Jaipur.

Indian sarpanch dazzles at UN meet

Indian sarpanch dazzles at UN meet
Rajawat, who rides a horse named Magic, conducts village meetings dressed in jeans and T-shirt in a state where women cover their face with a veil as part of the tradition. “It should change. There is so much one can do to break the barriers,” she says.

“My business management degree is helping me take care of the village administration and infuse a fresh blood. I am not thinking this as a career but sort of social work,” she says.

“… My focus is on bringing safe drinking water and increasing job opportunities in the village by involving NGOs,” says Rajawat, who works seven days a week for the welfare of her village. “There is so much to be done.”

Rajawat found to her dismay that the school system was bad beyond description. “Each school has only two or three teachers for a total of 400-500 students. I want to get a private college in the village and have identified 75 acres of land for construction. I am working with non-resident Rajasthanis and have urged them to come and start a college in my village.”

Rajawat was also invited to the India Today Youth Summit 2010 and shared the platform with eminent persons such as Nandan Nilekani, Viswanathan Anand, Sachin Pilot, Sourav Ganguly, Katrina Kaif, Jaideep Sahni, Sanjeev Sanyal and Mukul Deora.

“I am just a village girl who has had an opportunity to study in some of the best institutions in the country and has only gone back home to work with and for her people. It’s as simple as that. Don’t run away from your roots because that is your foundation and the nation’s foundation too. If you want to make a difference, you have got to start at the bottom. There is so much one can do,” she says.

Source: PTI

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