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IHRO Re : Depression more damaging than some chronic illnesses


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Sure.Main reason for suicide is depression and many
other drastic behaviour.
Observer in real life
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> Depression more damaging than some chronic illnesses
> By Michael KahnFri Sep 7, 1:53 PM ET AP
> Depression is more damaging to everyday health
> than chronic diseases such as angina, arthritis,
> asthma and diabetes, researchers said on Friday.
> And if people are ill with other conditions,
> depression makes them worse, the researchers found.
> “We report the largest population-based worldwide
> study to our knowledge that explores the effect of
> depression in comparison with four other chronic
> diseases on health state,” the researchers wrote in
> the Lancet medical journal.
> Somnath Chatterji of the World Health
> Organisation, who led the study, said researchers
> calculated the impact of different conditions by
> asking people questions about their capacities to
> function in everyday situations — such as moving
> around, seeing things at a distance and remembering
> information.
> The researchers assigned a number between 0 and
> 100 reflecting a person’s relative health score.
> “Our main findings show that depression impairs
> health state to a substantially greater degree than
> the other diseases,” the researchers wrote.
> The team used World Health Organisation data
> collected from 60 countries and more than 240,000
> people to show on average between 9 percent and 23
> percent had depression in addition to one or more of
> four other chronic diseases — asthma, angina,
> arthritis and diabetes.
> The most disabling combination was diabetes and
> depression, the researchers said.
> “If you live for one year with diabetes and
> depression together you are living the equivalent of
> 60 percent of full health,” Chatterji said in a
> telephone interview.
> The findings show the need to provide better
> treatment for depression because it has such a big
> impact on people with chronic illnesses, Chatterji
> added.
> “What tends to happen is a health provider doesn’t
> look for anything else but the chronic illness,” he
> said.
> “What we are saying is, these people will also be
> depressed and if you don’t manage the depression you
> can’t improve a person’s health because depression
> is actually worsening it.”

pakistanpress Interesting repartee about pous girls beinggiven as hoors to mullahs


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pakistanpressABDUCTED? Syed Saleem Shehzad missing journalist. sign petition..


The abducted Saleem Shahzad was living in F-8/3 Islamabad and left house at 5.30 in the evening for TV interview with Dunya News. His mobile phone was working till 5.42 and last location was at F-6/2. After that no whereabouts were avialabale. His last report was on Mehran Naval base where in he revealed that he Al-Quida has made good network in Pakistan Navy and there were negotiations between an Al-Quida operative in North Waziristan and Naval officers. Please see the link of the news; Baseer Naweed
Senior Researcher

Sign our Petition: Stop Disappearances in Pakistan

FW: Amazing 360 degree show…



OK everyone, this is absolutely incredible!! Note it is not just 360 it is 360 at every latitude…try going up or down!
360 degree pictures . . . next generation photography

Don’t get dizzy!!

You can also look straight up and down too.

Click on the pictures below and when they come up, click again and drag your mouse in any direction and the picture will give you a 360 degree view — Amazing Photography!!!






APNA Newsletter: 15 New E-Books


Dear APNA Members and Friends:

I hope you are doing well. Following please find a list of 15 new e-books that we have recently uploaded on APNA web. If you would like to add any book to APNA Web’s book section, please send us a soft copy with the image of book title.

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Punjabi Books in Shahmukhi Script

Ahsan-ul-Qissas (Classical Poetry): Maulvi Ghulam Rasool Rampuri

Nazran Kardiyan Gallani (Poetry): Sufi Ghulam Mustapha Tabbasum

Zafrane (Essays): Mian Zafar Maqbool

Mitti Da Mass (Poetry): Mushtaq Sufi
Heth Wagge Darya (Poetry): Mushtaq Sufi
Punjabi Books in Gurmukhi Script
Geet Ton Sulgdi Leek Takk (Collection of 5 Poetry Books): Shamsher Singh Sandhu

Sanvad (Poetry): Naresh Kumar
Urdu Books

Tareekh All India Muslim League 1906-1947 (History): Sarfaraz Hussain Mirza and Muhammad Hanif Shahid

Kuch Ishq Kia Kuch Kaam Kia (Travelogue): Javed Arif

Yaadon Ki Kehkashan (Memoir): Surraya K. H. Khursheed
English Books

Ibn Khaldun (Biography): Muhammad Abdullah Enan
Last Days of Premier Bhutto (History): Maulana Kausar Niazi

Our Viceregal Life in India – 1 (Memoir): Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava

Our Viceregal Life in India – 2 (Memoir): Marchioness of Dufferin and Ava

Sufism: Its Saints and Shrines (Sufism): John A. Subhan
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