CHHabeel of books by Sukrit Trust!


From: sukrit trust <>
Date: Mon, Jun 6, 2011 at 3:54 PM
Subject: Sukrit Trust

Chabeel of Books

While many organizations and individuals were busy in organizing chabeel of cold water, sweetened milk or other drinks on the occasion of Martyrdom of fifth guru, Guru Arjun Dev Ji, Sukrit Trust, an NGO, organized a chabeel of books.

As many as 20000 copies of the book ‘Sukhan Di Mani (Sukhmani Sahib Swal-Jwab)’ both in Punjabi & Hindi were distributed free of cost at over 20 bus stands & railway stations throughout Punjab. People evinced keen interest in this novel gesture. The books have been sponsored by S. Jatinder Singh Uppal from Sydney, Australia.

A pledge form was also filled by many devotees who promised to read the book and comprehend the message of Sukhmani Sahib.

Amanjot Singh, an employee of PRTC, overjoyed by receiving the book said, “Now a days, our lives are full of tension. Books like this which show you the path of happiness, surly are the best gift & best sewa.”

“We spend crores on cold water chabeels on one day only. This helps but for a short time. Chabeels of gurbani books will be a life time enjoyment. I thank the sponsor of this novel idea”, said the Jasmeen Kaur, a middle age housewife from Pathankot. The volunteers of Sukrit, distributed the book chabeel in all the coaches of passing trains at Ludhiana Railway station throughout the day.

The 200 pages book has been printed beautifully. It contains 48 question answers on Sukhmani Sahib, meanings of selected words, detailed translation of bani, as well as selected messages from this eternal composition of Sri Guru Arjun Dev Ji.

About preetlari

"Preetlari", Punjab's magazine established in 1933 and published from Preetnagar, Dist. Amritsar. S. Gurbaksh Singh founded the magazine and also the model village, Preetnagar. The magazine is running in its 78th year and since last year is being taken by nearly 20000 primary and upper primary schools of Punjab ,too.

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