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1. Fire targeted Sikh-owned shop in Clay County From: J.S.Tiwana 2. Sikh students locked out of Vancouver school From: J.S.Tiwana 3. Global Potential of Our Community From: J.S.Tiwana 4. Back From Afghanistan, Sikh-Canadian Takes Command of Canadian Regim From: J.S.Tiwana 5. Capt Amarinder asks Makkar to explain Rs 1.62 cr fuel expense in a y From: J.S.Tiwana 6. Centre to reassess its stand on Anand Marriage Act issue From: J.S.Tiwana 7. Lady beats gender bias, wins property battle From: J.S.Tiwana 8a. All information on Indian Elections From: J.S.Tiwana 9a. Re: Sehajdhari is in the 1925 Act From: devinder1932 9b. Re: Sehajdhari is in the 1925 Act From: cjs sidhu 10a. Translators of AGGS From: virinder g 10b. Re: Translators of AGGS From: asingh 11. Turban-wearing peer vows to fight prejudice From: J.S.Tiwana 12. Hockey hero’s mother needs loan to cook biryani for her son From: J.S.Tiwana 13. Hockey players refuse to take Rs. 25,000 cash prize From: J.S.Tiwana
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Fire targeted Sikh-owned shop in Clay County

Posted by: “J.S.Tiwana”

Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:06 pm (PDT)

Fire targeted Sikh-owned shop in Clay County

9:45 PM, Sep. 12, 2011

HAYESVILLE н Authorities are investigating a
possible hate crime at a small grocery store in
rural Clay County near the Georgia line.

Someone set fire to State Line Grocery on N.C. 69
and spray-painted У911 Go HomeФ on the outside of the shop.

The owners are Sikh, according to the Southern
Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate crimes
nationally. The owners could not be be reached Monday.

SheriffТs Deputy Todd Wingate said the
investigation is Уstill in the early stages.Ф An
accelerant was used to start the fire, he said.

The State Bureau of Investigation assisted with
the arson part of the case, said agency spokeswoman Noelle Talley.

It is not handling the suspected hate crime aspect, she said.

An FBI official in Charlotte would not say
whether a federal investigation is under way.

A sheriffТs deputy was the first on the scene of
the early Wednesday morning fire and used an
extinguisher and a garden hose on the blaze until the fire department arrived.

Sandeep Amy Kaur, staff attorney at the New
York-based Sikh Coalition, said the group is
monitoring law enforcement response to the crime
and has been in touch with the FBI.

Attacks against Sikhs are on the rise, according to the law center.

Sikhs are often viewed with suspicion and as
potential terrorists because their religion
requires unshorn hair, beards and turbans, Kaur said.

УThat is what we have to combat,Ф she said.

Her group was created after the Sept. 11, 2001,
attacks to stop violence against Sikhs through education.

More than 25 million people worldwide follow the Sikh faith.

Sikhism was revealed to Guru Nanak more than 500
years ago in the Punjab region, which boarders Pakistan and India.

The faith, according to the coalitionТs website
Уpreaches a message of devotion, remembrance of
God at all times, truthful living, equality
between all human beings, social justice, while
emphatically denouncing superstitions and blind rituals.Ф

http://www.citizen- article/20110913 /NEWS/309120057/ Fire-probed- hate-crime? odyssey=tab|topnews|text| Frontpage

Jagpal S Tiwana
Dartmouth, Canada

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Sikh students locked out of Vancouver school

Posted by: “J.S.Tiwana”

Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:06 pm (PDT)

Sikh students locked out of Vancouver school

September 11, 2011 by ctv news Source:
<http://www.ctvbc. an/local/ CTVNews/20110906 /bc_sikh_ lockout_110906/ 20110906/ ?hub=BritishColu mbiaHome>www.ctvbc.ctv. ca

SchoolClosed (79K)

<http://www.ctvbc. an/local/ CTVNews/20110906 /bc_sikh_ lockout_110906/ 20110906/ ?hub=BritishColu mbiaHome>Watch
news video here

As most British Columbian students returned to school Tuesday,
children at one South Vancouver elementary school were faced with an
unexpected lockout.

Parents whose children were enrolled at Guru Nanak Elementary School,
a private Sikh school, were shocked to find a padlock on the front
gate when they dropped their children off this morning.

For five years, the school was run by the Khalsa Diwan Society but on
Monday night temple executive members suddenly voted to close the school down.

The shutdown affects 73 students.

Parent Sukh Gusal waited outside the facility with his daughter
Hargunh for three hours waiting for answers.

Gusal said Hargunh, who is entering Grade 4, had spent several days
preparing for school and was disappointed that she couldn’t get in.

“She was excited to meet her teacher. When we came we saw everything
was locked up. All the parents are frustrated,” he said.

Amar Singh Sandhu believes the decision to shut down the school has
to do with money.

News1 (50K)
“I think they want a bigger income source than they have now, which
is wrong, because the school shouldn’t be shut down,” Sandhu said.

“The original founders of the society really promoted education.”

Led by Principal Devinder Maan, many of the parents marched into the
temple to speak to the society president, Kashmir Dhaliwal.

Dhaliwal said the committee locked the building because the lease
expired in July.

He insisted that all of the parents were notified about the pending
closure in 2009, an assertion that was answered with shouts of “no,
no, no,” from protesting parents.

“They already have the notice that lease has expired,” Dhaliwal said,
adding that all the parents had been served with written notices.

A memo from the Khalsa Society dated Sept. 16, 2009, does outline the
July lease expiry, although it’s unclear if the notice was received by parents.

When asked where the locked-out students would go to school, society
Secretary Ranjit Hayere said he is not responsible for the parents or children.

“It is their problem. It is up to the parents and principal to tell
them where to go,” he said.

“And if I am their position I would have arranged for my kid to go somewhere.”

The school, which offers specialized Sikh studies alongside
traditional curriculum, was approved by the province to operate until
at least 2014.

The B.C. Education Ministry says Guru Nanak receives 50 per cent of
its funding from the government.

http://www.sikhnet. com/news/ sikh-students- locked-out- vancouver- school

Jagpal S Tiwana
Dartmouth, Canada

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Global Potential of Our Community

Posted by: “J.S.Tiwana”

Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:10 pm (PDT)

September 12, 2011
by Dr. Narinder S. Kapany

Global Potential of Our Community

As the third part of our series on the Transnational Punjabis in the
21st century, we feature Dr. Kapany’s keynote presentation at the
University of Fraser Valley Conference entitled “Global Potential of
Our Community.”

The last time Dr. Kapany had given a speech at the University of
Fraser Valley, it was the fall of 1984, soon after the crisis created
by the government of India attacking the Golden Temple under the
direction of Indira Gandhi. There was a senior member of the Canadian
Parliament present at the conference who was so moved by this speech
and learning the plight of Sikhs in India therefore requested a copy
of the speech to be distributed to all of Parliamentarians in Canada.

History of Punjab and Sikhs

Almost three decades later, things have changed considerably. Setting
the stage, the address began with the rich history of Punjab and
Sikhs which goes back thousands of years with great wars, beautiful
arts, great cultural developments, phenomenal agriculture, charming
poetry, and new religious heritage for which Sikhs are known.

As many are aware, our ancestors fought the last war of Alexander the
Great. They also fought numerous other wars when raiders have come to
India and have stopped them. The earliest educational system came
from Punjab. The earliest religious systems of the world were born in
the Far East including the birth of our 10 Gurus who taught us the
oneness of God, equality of mankind and womankind, hard work, and
charity. Extremely important was mandated the respect for all other
religions, as opposed to most other religions that are interested in
converting you to their food of thought. In fact if you look at our
Guru Granth Sahib, you’ll find a large number of translations from
Hindu and Muslim saints.

To read the full story please click on the line below :

http://www.sikhfoun 2011/sikh- punjabi-language -studies/ global-potential -of-our-communit y-by-dr.- narinder- s.-kapany/

Jagpal S Tiwana
Dartmouth, Canada

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Back From Afghanistan, Sikh-Canadian Takes Command of Canadian Regim

Posted by: “J.S.Tiwana”

Tue Sep 13, 2011 8:10 pm (PDT)


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