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why india people are happy


western movies like the one on madagascar and the zoo animals have noted with amusement that the indian people seem to be happy (without reason too) and smiling generally..the formula 1 champs are echoing this. they have gone on record to say that a thing or two can be learned from india’s way of doing things and that its now a favourite racing circuit and that THESE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY..
it must be for these reasons:there is space for growth for all in the dna..happiness and contentment are the ultimate goals not richness..and the formula 1 for happiness is:do your duty (by paying respects) by your elders, your ancestors, your family, your pets,your job and feel freeeeeee of any guilt whatsoever. you are now free to enjoy the space you need for your SOULLL. for which there is space in the society then, especially as all the hungers,material and non material, of all those people and demands on you have been paid respects to.and they become supporters instead of being confrontationists.
besides, any confrontation in the surroundings is understood as a sign that RESPECTS ARE NOT BEING PAID………so watch your step if you want freedom for your soul.

about chimps and dogs and pigs. and humans and their belief systems.


A national geographic documentry on human embryos in the greatest detail that was aired yesterday, said something about
Human beings having 99% same genes/dna with chimpanzees and 50% with dogs and was it 75 % with pigs…(?) Therefore,the human embryo(baby in the womb)looks like the embryos of all these animals,and many others besides, for a very long time.Its only later that the human signs are clearly distinguishable.

Then whats the problem about accepting thatthe human belief systems have got to be one at the navel too?

Candle Light March on 1st November 2011



Candle Light March on 1st November 2011

Human Rights Groups PUDR, PUCL who had published the report ‘Who Are the Guilty’ in 1984 are organizing a Candle Light Vigil at India Gate on Ist November 2011 at 5.30 PM to pay homage to those killed in this November 1984 Carnage and to demand the punishment for the guilty.

These organizations are also involving University and College students and many other Human Right Groups and prominent citizens are joining them in this March. The posters, a copy of which is attached herewith have been pasted in the Universities and Colleges of Delhi.

They are organizing similar Candle Light Vigil in Mumbai. Apart from the prominent citizens many celebrities are also expected to join this Candle Light March.

We appeal to the people of Punjab to organize such Candle Light Marches on Ist November evening in their cities to Pay homage to the departed soul and to demand the punishment for the Guilty. It is necessary to send a clear and loud message that the people of the country would not accept such communal violence and killing of any particular community.

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Jalnidh Kaur



heavens! in its root form shiva may be sva meaning of self, same as khuda! no wonder some people wish that khuda hafiz be given up for aalah hafiz. ironically, they’ll find out soon enough that allah means the same too! for it is ONE. that is, TWO(male plus female produce everything and therefore there was the dual sex god model, later replaced by ONE,male)

poonamstoryteller sent you a video: “Roma/Gypsy roots concert Flamenco and Indian dance – India to Spain – Oliver Rajamani and Ensemble”



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Rajamani here performs an original composition of his own, blending Indian and flamenco musical styles the Rajamani way. One can see the origins of the Roma and their history as well as the roots of flamenco dance coming from India. Rajamani and the Indian vocalist Nagavalli Medicharla sing a deeply spiritual poem of Meera (a Princess of Rajasthan India). The Indian dancer is Reetu Jain and the Flamenco dancer is Olivia Chacon. This is immigrant music of the modern-day Indian as of the immigrant music of the Roma of old, being reinvented and interpreted. It is different from the fusion music of flamenco and Indian music and dance which is so commonly done today by many artist. This is not fusion music. This is an ongoing journey of music and tradition which has a common thread of history and culture.

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