It appears that the Tamil P is exactly like the Urdu P and so is the R.Basically. the Tamil P DOES NOT HAVE THE THREE DOTS UNDER IT . AND THE TAMIL r HAS A ROUNDEDNESS BEFORE THE BASIC SHAPE.


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"Preetlari", Punjab's magazine established in 1933 and published from Preetnagar, Dist. Amritsar. S. Gurbaksh Singh founded the magazine and also the model village, Preetnagar. The magazine is running in its 78th year and since last year is being taken by nearly 20000 primary and upper primary schools of Punjab ,too.

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    • that is the whole surprise!
      a tamil lady wrote her daughter preethi’s name in tamil for us. although written from left to right unlike urdu,it was the same letters!
      also the th part also has a nearly same h in it like urdu. and the ee is same in concept, only a mirror image as if.kindly write for us the word preethi and send a copy.

      tamil’s 200 plus alphabet is also basically :p,pa,pu.puu,pe,pei,po,pau etc ..is it not thus that the 200 plus letters are made?

      punjabi and devnagri on the other hand are having the vowel sounds separately written as oo ai ee, thereby decreasing the total number of letters to be written as alphabet.

  1. ریٹھی this is preethi in Urdu. ਪਿਰੀਤਿ this is preethi in Punjabi i hope. பிரீத்தி pi -ree-th-thi -this way written in Tamil. Now the nearest comparison of Tamil word is with Punjabi only Urdu, often called a composite -if not broken -dialect of Hindi, which again the simplified version of Sanskrit , perhaps score in one big point according to me. As far as i know it can pronounce any sound a man can make. All lingo variations including Tamil and English can be written in Urdu and that too with a fantastic, shortest way. ழ — in Tamil -zha has no equals in any Indian lingo but Urdu.
    More after hearing your comments
    vasan Iyer.

    • See the p(without the ee matra) in Tamil preethi and the p in Urdu.
      See the r in tamil as well as in urdu.what is under the little round in the Tamil r is the way the r is written in urdu.
      see the knot that is h in the th of tamil..in the written form, this is typecomposed, the urdu h after the t is the same knot.
      and the zh of tamil you say being the same in sound as the zh in urdu, and not in any other indian tongue, is another proof!
      yes, you are right, the p in punjabi and also in hindi in a way are also similar in essence to the p in urdu, they have a ‘stand’ of sorts and no dots of course, though.

      lets go on finding:the reason for the search is the fact that south india had a direct trade with the arab countries(and african too?). It can be safely betted that more and more will be found.

      by the way the punjabi p for preeti does not have a small ee before it.its pree not pirii.
      now look at the tamil p , not pi. and now look at the urdu p , in its alphabet form, not used in word form. as you are aware they are different.

  2. Diddi subcaste in andhra seems to be same as punjab hp, and may mean DEDE or ancient priests of turkish greek origin, of sufi muslim order.
    In punjab too, the vinayaka and diddimare found together as in andhra, i find.
    And uppal is the c.lan they are priests for, at least the diddis. Uppala alsomexists in AP!

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