why india people are happy


western movies like the one on madagascar and the zoo animals have noted with amusement that the indian people seem to be happy (without reason too) and smiling generally..the formula 1 champs are echoing this. they have gone on record to say that a thing or two can be learned from india’s way of doing things and that its now a favourite racing circuit and that THESE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY..
it must be for these reasons:there is space for growth for all in the dna..happiness and contentment are the ultimate goals not richness..and the formula 1 for happiness is:do your duty (by paying respects) by your elders, your ancestors, your family, your pets,your job and feel freeeeeee of any guilt whatsoever. you are now free to enjoy the space you need for your SOULLL. for which there is space in the society then, especially as all the hungers,material and non material, of all those people and demands on you have been paid respects to.and they become supporters instead of being confrontationists.
besides, any confrontation in the surroundings is understood as a sign that RESPECTS ARE NOT BEING PAID………so watch your step if you want freedom for your soul.

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"Preetlari", Punjab's magazine established in 1933 and published from Preetnagar, Dist. Amritsar. S. Gurbaksh Singh founded the magazine and also the model village, Preetnagar. The magazine is running in its 78th year and since last year is being taken by nearly 20000 primary and upper primary schools of Punjab ,too.

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  1. Hi Poonam, people are very short on time and attention span these days. So while you have a great content it may be more beneficial if you can write in smaller paragraphs (almost a line or two) and may be even with a photo/sketch or two.

    Of course my simpleton suggestions lol.

  2. Sebastian Vettal, the winner of the India Grand Prix, ”..they (Indians) have so little..are a very happy people..” Of course we are happy people, but what is surprising is that we are happy in spite of not having much rather than the other way around. Maybe the answer, partly at least, lies in our collective philosophy of ”sat-chit-anand”. ‘Anand’ or bliss is the true and pristine nature of human beings, as per collective Indian wisdom.

    On the more practical side, however, India ranks 45th on the ‘happiness index’ in the world. With 6.3 points on a scale of 10, we tie with China and Japan. Not bad considering that the world’s happiest country, Denmark has a score of 8.6 and the USA does not even figure in the top 10.

    I feel the ranking is slightly skewed since most of those quizzed in India are urban people, who measure their happiness in terms of worldly possessions.

    The article is rather short on discourse and could do with a dose of reasons for the happiness. Still, I would call it a good, though light read.

      • Re: Bhutan being the ‘happiest’, it’s more a question of shifting the goal posts. The King there has coined the term ‘Gross Happiness Content’ or GHC. And that does not have most of the parameters of the other surveys. It’s somewhat like saying the Kalahandi ( Orissa) are the most contented…!?

    • Exactly! That’s why Kalahandi as example. Bhutanese in remote parts starve, too… de don’t complain, though. Part of d Buddhist ( lamaist ) culture…

      • pockets are not the same thing as averages,perhaps. and the formula 1 person saying something like that is because of wanting to resolve some basic criterion of what is happiness all about and if progressing is leaving something essential behind..?

      • Maybe ‘materialism’ or ‘religiosity’ alone will not, and cannot raise the Happiness Quotient of a person or a nation. It’s like J Krishnamurthy says: ”Some escape into God; others into alcohol. One is not necessarily superior to the other.” Escape after all is just that: Escape. It cannot be Happiness.

  3. happiness does not have anything to do with ,or mean,escape from materialist persuit as such. its independant of that is the point, i think..and contentment as an attitude is not equal to wanting starvation. there is a balance perhaps,between having and wanting,even proactively working for, more, and yet having a contentment too?? the attainment of this balance creates the illusive happiness..and not having it despite having all the material comforts one could shows an insecurity which is the opposite of happiness..although it makes one happy to be working to fill up the abyss of the insecurity..?

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