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Gurbakhsh singh ji’s daughter?


A lot of interest in that!
A recent trip to Bathinda for a natural kheti programme and the organiser mistakenly announced: gbs daughter is here…the press came wishing to meet the daughter!in the hot hot sun! Had to be told no this is a grand dau in law..the intt in the new gens is bec of shiv batalvis great poem, sung by himself as well as jagjit singh,rabbi…an older lady in england/usa had refused to come meet the same gran dau in law in loyalty to shiv batalvi, our great great poet of punjabi.
This lady, his muse,is nearly 80today, lives in far off south america.
She too has a loyalty to shiv batalvi, for whose sake she sits every evening at a certain time , to look and talk to a star that she has decided is Him.
She valued this penpusher dau in law ,writing in here, enough so as to give her side of the story that shook the punjabi world too much!
Perhaps she thought it was the last time she was visiting india.she may be right, she may not visit again,seeing her age.
Something tells me she needs me to speak for her while she is still very much amongst us.
She may love to have the loving forgiveness, acceptance of the community at large, for a daughter of the community!why would she tell me otherwise?!
Young women like her are many now a days, but back then, she was nearly a 100 years advanced, so to speak.
She, a young widow, whose late husband had killed himself in a fit of what can only be called ,perhaps,inadequacy….people saw her shattered…the poet shiv had a great heart for even
Loona,the medieval villainess he has immortalised, how could he have been left untouched?
The romance was perhaps inevitable..but the girl widow was asked by her father the great writer if she was interested in marriage with this brilliant person…and the young widow was not at all sure if that was what she wanted….in fact she could not see herself his wife. the father then asked her to go abroad and study, instead of carrying on something that was sure to bring not only sorrow but also further disrepute in this feudal set up, perhaps.she went. He was wasnt to be. He asked about her even in his last days.
She brought him happiness,i told her, even if it was brief he valued it. He should have been more of a sportsman and she less of a material comfort seeker what? The young need to be forgiven. They were excellent parents and spouses in their respective lives.the lady went especially to visit shivs family, accepted their love humbly.shivs wife is not just a woman, she is a great woman.
But the old lady in south america needs to be accepted as a daughter and perhaps as the queen of the heart of a great poet, even though he must have met many queens in his life! Love , let us celebrate it, even if it was not to be,for it s the Lord of the world.
Poonam Singh