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A time for everything! Long and short of wearing your hair long or short.


A time for dying for your right to wear your hair long and a time for dying for your right to wear your hair short. In short, for your right to peacefully live as you wish to live,without forcing others or being forced by others. Sounds simple enough. Its a Sufi thought.somewhere along the line,religions get it wrong and start becoming sticklers for one or the other way of wearing hair!!!!


amanistan within Pakistan, for Shias and others…!

World Shia Forum

Author: Abdul Nishapuri

Pakistan today is not the Sate which was created in 1947 by its founding fathers not only ideologically but also geographically. The majority of Pakistan (in terms of population), the then East Pakistan and now Bangladesh, decided to separate from Pakistan in 1971 and the remainder land of Pakistan remains nothing more than a Takfeeri Deobandi-Wahhabi dominated state where large sections of the population, particularly from religious and ethnic minority backgrounds, remain persecuted and target killed. The dream of a homeland for Muslims where all Muslims and other ethnic and religious minority groups will be treated with equality and dignity is completely shattered.

Today, Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a State which has miserably failed to protect is citizens who are being killed by Takfiri terrorists with the full backing of State apparatus. At least 19,000 Shia Muslims have been killed by Takfiri Deobandi-Wahhabi terrorists; hundreds of…

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