We invite you for an Artist’s Residency. You may choose between Chandigarh or Preet Nagar or opt for both.

Writers, painters, theatre artists, photographers, film makers, musicians, and all kinds of people are invited.

Chandigarh is the capital city of Punjab and Haryana. It is famous as a planned city designed and conceptualised by French Architect Le Corbusier. You may go cycling around in the city or explore it any other way.

Preet Nagar is a village that was established in the 1930’s. It was an artist’s community located at equidistance from the cultural towns: Amritsar and Lahore. We will pick you up from Amritsar. Preet Nagar is 20 minutes outside the city. Located in the peaceful serene and scenic Punjab landscape. We also have a cultural centre with an amphitheatre.

Write us a brief on what you would like to do.

You may bring along your child/children/partner. If you and your partner are applying please write about what each of you would like to do here.

You will be provided a room. A studio space. Internet. Kitchen. All meals.

Depending on the nature of your project, your professional background and the time you choose to spend. We will offer you a comfortable fees which is nominal and keeps these Artist Centres functioning for more and more people to be able to come and spend time and share their interests.

Write an email to:
preetlarhi@gmail.com/ samiasingh@gmail.com

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  1. ਪੂਨਮ ਤੇ ਰਿਤੂ ਜੀ,

    ਤੁਹਾਡੀ ਆਰਟਿਸਟਿਕ ਰੈਜ਼ੀਡੈਸ਼ੀ ਦਾ ਕੀ ਬਣਿਆ?

    ਕਦੋਂ ਆਈਏ ?

    ਕੇ ਟੀਵੀ ਆਦਿ ਬਾਰੇ ਪੁਛਣ ਤੋਂ ਨਾਰਾਜ ਜੇ ?


    *ਨਵਾਂ ਨਵਾਂ ਪੰਜਾਬੀ ਵਿਚ ਲਿਖਣਾ ਸਿਖਿਆ ਏਹਦਾ ਸਵਾਦ ਲੈ ਰਹੇ ਹਾਂ

    • also welcome shahid to come and stay and work at studio 40 chandigarh, at papa and mummy’s home..i was planning on inviting a small group end march as it is easier to apply at one go than one by one..no reason why everyone cant do their own thing once the visas are done..a mini festival of our own two three days and then …

  2. mainu ta kush aanda b nhi ki ese swarg de vich aa saka.fir b je plants,trees nu pani dena hove ta bula lena main apni spouse te beti nal may te june vich aa sakda.mera yogdaan ta preetlari di sag safai da ho sakda e. jyada pad nhi paya 8th class to bad padan da moka nhi mil sakya ha karan nu mai 3 var M.A. kr layi Angreji Hindi Punjabi vich M.A. kiti. Punjabi da moh es Uttrakhand vich b aa k na chhad sakya.Punjabi university Patiala to Gyani b kiti te M.A. b. bs ena h aaj kal Insurance co. vich kamm karda jithe kade b chutti n mildi Dharam patni school pda rhi h may june bs usdi chhutti nal bs 5-10 din me free ho jana dhakke nal.

  3. Me and my friends are planning to visit preet nagar next month. How to get there? Is there any bus service from amritsar?
    We want to make it a full fledged tour and want to know more about the concept.
    What is the procedure? Is there any protocol ?Or can we hop in there anytime?

  4. I am engineer living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am so happy to incidentally find the Preetlari magazine on this website. I used to be a reader of Preetlari in my school days 1972-82 and also sadly follwed the news of martyrdom of S. Sumeet Preetlari in the pre-operation Bluestar days. It’s good to know how the family of S. Gurbaksh Singh Preetlari has kept this flame of literary patriotism burning amidst many storms and adversities. I wish and pray for a grand personal and professional success to Preetlari family !
    I will be visiting India and Chandigarh in next two weeks and would like to visit your office. I would also like to contribute my spare time for your historical publication, if internet support is possible.

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