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  1. we wish to transliterate in other scripts like roman ,devnagri and urdu(shahmukhi).

    we wish to translate into other languages of India.

    we wish to have a website that can be freely seen everywhere.

    we wish to revive Preet Nagar in the same way and more so as to again become a centre for the congregation point and inspiration for further humanist projects awaiting Punjab

  2. Dear Friends of Preetlari,
    It might be possible to combine the renewal and expansion of the great Founder’s ideals by outreach and co-operation with other like minded organizations. I am hoping Poonam’s wondeful daughters Ratika and Samia will get a chance to visit the L’Arche Community in Calcutta soon.
    L’Arche which began outside Paris by Canadian Dr. John Vanier is now established in more than
    30 countries. It could be an inspirational and practical partnership to serve disabled persons here in India while bringing to life the compassion and lived ideals of the Founders. L’Arche International maybe able to assist Preetlaru in this outreach which would be so rich for artists or all kinds.

    I am honoured to number Poonam Singh among my most valued friends and colleagues here in India and wish the Preetlari Community a bright and prosperous future.

    Dr. Brian Richard Joseph, Ph.D. (Harvard)
    from Canada

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