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why india people are happy


western movies like the one on madagascar and the zoo animals have noted with amusement that the indian people seem to be happy (without reason too) and smiling generally..the formula 1 champs are echoing this. they have gone on record to say that a thing or two can be learned from india’s way of doing things and that its now a favourite racing circuit and that THESE PEOPLE ARE HAPPY..
it must be for these reasons:there is space for growth for all in the dna..happiness and contentment are the ultimate goals not richness..and the formula 1 for happiness is:do your duty (by paying respects) by your elders, your ancestors, your family, your pets,your job and feel freeeeeee of any guilt whatsoever. you are now free to enjoy the space you need for your SOULLL. for which there is space in the society then, especially as all the hungers,material and non material, of all those people and demands on you have been paid respects to.and they become supporters instead of being confrontationists.
besides, any confrontation in the surroundings is understood as a sign that RESPECTS ARE NOT BEING PAID………so watch your step if you want freedom for your soul.